Trends in Modern Bathroom Design

Trends in interior design develop as time goes on and style preferences change. What will modern bathroom designs look like in 2023? What colors and materials would designers suggest using to emulate the aesthetic of new styles? You will receive answers to these questions from the specialists of BMR Belmax Remodeling.

Bathroom Design 2023: Top Trends


Pastel shades

Pastel colors have been popular colors for use in interior rooms, but now they are commonly used for bathrooms as well. Different shades of beige, such as slightly washed out, sandy, or creamy, are especially popular. They look great when paired with earthy tones like orange, muted yellow, caramel, or chocolate brown. Adding black or white to the room can also be beneficial to keep the simple earthy look.

Of course, there are other options if an earthy tone does not suit your style. Bathroom designers in your area may use vibrant watercolors to suit your desired style. Colors such as powdery pink, blue, or mint, when combined with white, will create the effect of a comfortable and romantic environment. To add character, you can introduce materials such as stone or concrete into the interior.

Bathroom in vibrant colors

If pastels are not your style, don’t worry because the modern bathroom design services provided by our bathroom remodel designers are multifaceted and varied! Juicy colors like sunny yellow, rich red, or Fuschia are relevant. They will perfectly enliven the room and give it a modern, elegant look. To pull off the vibrant look, it is important to use bright tiles, textiles, and accessories to skillfully bring the room together.

New trends that we have been familiar with for a long time

Those who prefer minimalism can rejoice as the style is still a great choice for a modern bathroom design. Minimalism utilizes well-known white and black colors that have not gone out of style for years and look fantastic both alone and together, especially on large surfaces. White tiles are the best base for many styles, such as Scandinavian, while black or graphite bathroom tiles will work well in loft interiors.

White has always been associated with purity. It allows you to create a uniform, sterile composition. If you’re dreaming of a bathroom remodeling design and you have a large enough space, you can dare to create a black bathroom. To pull off this style, detail is key. Black bathroom faucets at washbasins and black shower faucets in glass-enclosed or built-in cubicles fit perfectly into this trend.

Timeless wood

Minimalism is not the only choice to create a timeless bathroom design. Using wood in your bathroom creates a style that allows you to get closer to nature, brings warmth and coziness to the room, and looks fantastic in various combinations. Wood can appear on almost any surface in a bathroom – walls, floors, furniture, and accessories.

Using wood can elevate a bathroom’s design but it is necessary to provide proper protection against moisture. Another option is to buy woodgrain tiles. Coatings are characterized by water resistance, high abrasion class, and ease of use.

Stone compositions

If wood is not what you are looking for, but you would still like a breath of nature, consider adding stone elements to the design. You can implement this trend in several ways – for example, marble on the walls and floor is a great choice. In such a space, free-standing bathtubs will look great, which, in combination with luxurious stone, will create an elegant composition. Another possibility is stone imitation tiles. Taking into account the trends, bathroom tile manufacturers offer a wide range of stone-like and marble-like products.

​Small bathroom design

The design of small rooms requires compliance with certain rules that allow you to create a stylish and harmonious design.

Unfortunately, when designing small bathrooms, it is not always possible to embody all design ideas, but some of them can be easily adapted to the existing conditions.

The small bathroom design should be planned in advance before being translated into reality. The bathroom should be not only beautiful and tidy but also functional. Sometimes, there can be only one design solution that incorporates all three of these aspects.

A thoughtful layout will make it possible to use a comfortable bathroom where there will be nothing superfluous. You can save space by installing modern models of plumbing equipment. Hanging models of toilets and bidets, and walk-in shower designs, are almost indispensable for small bathrooms.

Wood details can be a great addition to the interior design of a small bathroom. Using a different combination of tiles can help to create a stylish interior.

How to choose a bathroom style

When planning a bathroom renovation you have to define the stylistic solutions. The size of the room is the most crucial factor when considering bathroom design and remodeling. If your bathroom is small enough, then it is better to go with minimalism, Provence, hi-tech, or Scandinavian. For spacious rooms, art deco, classic, or loft would be quite appropriate. Here are some of the most relevant styles in 2023.

Art Deco

The modern Art Deco bathroom is a luxurious combination of black and white marble, unusual oriental patterns, and gold-plated fittings. In such a bathroom, accessorizing with a fluffy rug or faux fur, large mirrors, and numerous light sources will bring a regal feel to the room. Absolutely vulgar glamor with a sense of proportion and a hint of nobility.

Pompous classic

A lush classic is another trendy option for modernizing a bathroom. Even today, in the 21st century, the palace atmosphere of the Renaissance is revered by most interior professionals and lovers of beauty. A noble stone in the finish, a free-standing bathroom on carved figured legs, rare cabinets and massive chests of drawers, bas-reliefs and arches, mirrors, and gold are all aspects of this luxurious style. A classic-style bathroom will make you feel like you’re in a romantic hotel in Venice. Some details that would really bring together this style in such a space include a photo tile depicting European castles, classical patterns, and masterpieces of world art.


All the best from the classics comes in a new interpretation. A neoclassical bathroom is a bohemian chic combined with boldness and modern technology. Spacious and bright rooms, not overloaded with decor and furniture, smooth lines – these are the main trends of the classics that have moved into the neoclassic. A neoclassical bathroom embodies many features of the classics: color shades, symmetry, the rigor of every detail, richness, comfort, and naturalness. To finish the floor and walls of bathrooms porcelain stoneware is used is similar to natural wood, stone, and marble in its structure and shade.

The main color palette is pastel. One or two colors are taken as a basis, but it is recommended to avoid sharp contrasts when decorating the interior of bathrooms. Small decorations are used, with almost no curls. The absence of unnecessary classic elements allows you to increase the usable area, and make it lighter.

It is worth noting that this style is suitable for bathrooms with a fairly free layout and a large area. If your layout involves a small bathroom with a separate toilet, BMR Belmax Remodeling experts advise removing the wall, thereby increasing the area.


The loft style is a bold and extremely popular solution in bathroom design and remodeling. This space looks very modern and stylish. In addition, a loft-style bathroom and toilet do not need a large amount of space. Even with a modest layout, you will have space to work with. The stylish elements include brickwork, a concrete wall or a beautiful imitation of them, as well as wooden beams. Bathroom walk-in shower designs and deliberately rough plumbing elements that are not hidden behind boxes and false panels can be the main design elements. This industrial style is increasing in popularity every year.

Eco style

One of the most popular trends in bathroom design is the creation of a home SPA atmosphere. This style is characterized by naturalness and simplicity. Eco-style bathroom remodel design services are comfortable and simple, just like nature itself. The decoration is dominated by natural materials such as wood and stone. Much attention should be paid to the textures of these materials. The style implies a minimum of decor and unnecessary elements. In an eco-style bathroom, you can often find artificial or natural greenery like creepers, bamboo, and moss. The color scheme is sand, gray, wood, white and black.


Minimalism in the interior of the bathroom is concise and practical. It implies elegant clear lines and geometric shapes of surfaces (sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.). There are no unnecessary items and each item selected in the design is functional. The prevalence of bulky massive items does not fit into the modern minimalistic style. Designers also recommend avoiding heavy chests of drawers or large cabinets. It is better to give preference to light metal and glass structures. Conciseness involves simple cladding, a minimum of furniture, and unnecessary items. This feature is relevant for a small bathroom. Tile, wood, and glass are great materials for minimalism. The color scheme is predominantly cold because it is these shades that add volume and airiness to the space.

Final thought

A modern bathroom with a shower is multifaceted and varied. The latest bathroom trends take full advantage of nature, featuring nature-inspired materials and a full range of colors from timeless whites and blacks, through muted pastels, to luscious yellows, reds, and blues.

But it is important to remember that trends are fleeting, and it is unlikely that in a year or two, you will want to redecorate your bathroom again. Therefore, before choosing a bright or modern bathroom design, consider whether you are comfortable in such an atmosphere. Since your comfort and satisfaction are paramount when considering the design.

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