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Unveil the Hidden Beauty: Elevate your home with Unmatched Basement Remodeling in Philadelphia.

Welcome to BMR Belmax Remodeling, your preferred destination for unmatched basement remodeling in Philadelphia. We are proud to be a company that is deeply committed to excellence. BMR Belmax Remodeling transforms neglected basements into beautiful living spaces that make your house much more endearing and valuable. With well over 15 years of experience, we are the reliable partner who will help you transform your basement and unleash its hidden potential.

Why choose BMR Belmax Remodeling as your Philadelphia Basement Remodeling Contractor?

  • Expertise and Vision: BMR Belmax Remodeling isn’t just another contractor for basement remodeling. Our knowledgeable experts have a lot of experience and vision. We have the knowledge in what basements can and cannot do. Therefore, we can create solutions that are both beautiful to look at and efficient.
  • Custom Conception: This is your home, and it should represent your personality and style. As your Philadelphia Basement Remodeling Contractor we share ideas until we understand your aspirations entirely. Our design team takes your plans and implements them, creating custom dream designs that bring your style to life.
  • Excelsior Craftsmanship: Creating is part of our artist-daunts. Our craftsmen were master artisans well before entering the sector. We require high-quality craftsmanship, working meticulously to guarantee that your redesigned rooms exceed your expectations.
  • We are here with you from the beginning to the end when you need it. You don’t need to worry about another team for basement remodeling in Philadelphia. We handle everything. Our professional workers make it simple for you.
  • Punctuality, Reliability, and Efficiency: BMR Belmax Remodeling respects your time and trust! As your Philadelphia Basement Remodeling Contractor, we honor scheduled projects and guarantee that the final design is achieved efficiently without skimping on fine detail. Our dedication to our projects is easily the match for our commitment to punctuality.

Our Unmatched Basement Remodeling Steps

  • Personal Consultation: We embark on our journey with a detailed discussion. Your thoughts, taste, and budget are carefully considered to provide you with a well-thought-out strategy.
    Design Development: Our design experts draw inspiration from you to develop imagination that gives your basement a new lease of life. 3D models of the resurfaced region are created for you to get a preview.
  • Material Selection: Our experts choose high-quality materials to enhance your basement. Because we care about you as the best basement remodeling contractor, we believe quality should be top of the list.
  • Construction Implementation: Your vision comes to life the second we give the green light to our skilled professionals. We keep the lines of communication open every step of the way.
  • Big Day: This is the best moment, when the basement is finally brought to life. Get in a haven that reflects who you are, complete and enrich your homestead.

Philadelphia’s Reliable Basement Remodeling Company in Pennsylvania

At BMR Belmax Remodeling Company, we believe we can empower your basement to become the champion you want it to be. We specialize in creating it more personalized to suit your preference.

We believe that every basement is full of possibilities; at Philadelphia’s top basement remodeling company, we bring them to life. An experienced team will assist turn it into what you desire; a personalized, comfortable region.

Do you want to modernize your Philadelphia basement?

BMR Belmax Remodeling is at your service. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with our experts. We are eager and pleased to hear you, offer professional advice, and develop a development strategy.


Downtown Philadelphia Basement Remodel: From Humble to Great

There’s a lot you can do to improve the lower level of your Philadelphia home. The possibilities are endless, but one of the best ways to completely transform your basement is with a complete basement remodel. We recently helped finish a downtown Philadelphia home’s basement. The space turned out vibrant and full of life with contemporary luxuries and finishes the homeowners love.

Step 1: Designing the Space: First, we needed to plan a space that would be both functional and attractive. The layout, design was key in using the space efficiently and creating an intimate feel that made the living space appear more extensive.

Step 2: Building the Foundations: after the design was established, the construction phase began:

– Walls:
We built new walls to divide the basement space into different
sections according to the homeowners’ desires and wishes.

Lighting Installation: to light up the space, we installed recessed lights throughout the ceiling. Recessed light fixtures produce sufficient lighting while keeping the modern feel typical of modern basements.

Step 3: Door and Flooring Installation

– Doors:
We installed new doors that made the basement appear lovely and
secure. The doors were designed to match specific wall partitions.

– Flooring:
We installed new vinyl luxury plank on the entire basement floor. The
LVP flooring feels luxurious and elegant in a basement setting.

Step 4: The Final Touches

No redesign is without the finishing touches:

– We painted the rest of the downstairs to match the lighting and
flooring. The goal was to provide the walls with a fresh and updated

Step 5: The Final Reveal

The basement became a unique and cozy extension of the house when completed. The walls provided natural circulation. The lighting made it cozy. The door made an elegant addition. With the flooring, the basement seemed luxurious.

This downtown Philadelphia project shows what a complete and well-executed basement remodel can accomplish. Transform your basement and enjoy the increased equity and valuable space for relaxation, work, or amusement. Do you want a basement remodel done? Contact us to initiate the process now for Philadelphia homeowners.


Project Type Basement remodel
Client Philadelphia, PA
Completion Date July 2019
Project Size 600 Square Feet
Contract Value $11,600
  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction
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