Discover Your Home’s Hidden Jewel: Unparalleled Basement Remodeling in Princeton, NJ

Unlock the true potential of your home with BMR Belmax Remodeling, the unrivaled basement remodeling specialist in Princeton, NJ. We have 15 years of experience. Our specialty is transforming old basements into beautiful living areas. These living areas enhance your lifestyle and inspire your creativity.

 Why Choose Us as Your Premier Basement Remodeling Contractor in Princeton, NJ?

  • Elevated Expertise: As a distinguished basement remodeling contractor, BMR Belmax Remodeling stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our accomplished team of professionals brings unparalleled expertise and innovative ideas to every project, ensuring your basement becomes a masterpiece of design and functionality.
  • At BMR Belmax Remodeling, we believe in optimizing space and not wasting any. We can transform your basement into different spaces. You can use these spaces for entertainment, work, guests, or personal relaxation.
  • Custom-Crafted Excellence: Your basement remodel should be an expression of your unique taste and lifestyle. We work closely with you to create custom designs that reflect your vision, as your dedicated home remodeling contractor.
  • Artistry and Precision: Craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do. Our skilled craftsmen are passionate and pay attention to detail in every part of your basement renovation. They create a beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting space.
  • End-to-End Solutions: From conception to completion, BMR Belmax Remodeling is your all-in-one basement remodeling partner. Our method covers everything, ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Our Exquisite Basement Remodeling Process

  • Personalized Consultation: Our journey begins with a personalized consultation. We are a reliable contractor for basement remodeling. We listen to your ideas and needs to create a design that will transform your space.
  • We use your ideas to create unique designs that match your vision and dreams. Through advanced 3D renderings, you can explore your remodeled basement in vivid detail before construction commences.
  • Carefully Curated Materials: Elevate your basement with premium materials handpicked by our experts. We make sure your basement looks great and lasts long, creating a space that matches your style.
  • Seamless Execution: With your approval, we bring the design to life with precision and skill. Our meticulous team executes the construction process with seamless efficiency, delivering a flawless finish that surpasses your expectations.
  • Unveiling Your Dream Basement: The moment of revelation is pure magic. We are the top basement remodeling contractor in Princeton, NJ. We reveal your new basement, which shows your style and brings you comfort and happiness.

Revitalize Your Home with BMR Belmax Remodeling – The Premier Basement Remodeling Contractor in Princeton, NJ

At BMR Belmax Remodeling, we believe that we can discover the untapped potential of your basement. Our basement remodeling services breathe new life into this valuable space, enriching your home with elegance, versatility, and functionality.

Ready to Embark on Your Basement Remodeling Journey in Princeton, NJ?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our esteemed team. We want to hear your ideas and help you create a customized plan to remodel your basement. Trust BMR Belmax Remodeling to create a basement that becomes a cherished gem in your home.


Elevating Your Living Space: Basement Remodeling Excellence in Princeton, NJ

Embarking on a basement remodeling project can dramatically enhance your living space, adding both functionality and value to your home. In Princeton, NJ, we’ve transformed an outdated basement into a modern, inviting area perfect for a family to enjoy. Here’s a structured breakdown of the project, illustrating our step-by-step approach to a comprehensive basement renovation.

Initial Consultation and Design

Our journey began with a thorough assessment of the existing basement space, taking into account the specific needs and desires of the homeowners. This initial phase set the stage for a well-structured remodel, ensuring the final design would be both beautiful and practical.

Construction of New Walls

The first step in the physical transformation was constructing new walls. This process involved:

  • Framework Installation: Erecting sturdy frames that would define the new layout of the basement.
  • Insulation and Drywall: Adding insulation for energy efficiency and comfort, followed by drywall for smooth, paint-ready surfaces.

Electrical Work and Lighting Installation

Next, we tackled the electrical components to ensure the space was well-lit and met all safety codes:

  • Electrical Upgrades: Our licensed electricians performed all electrical work, adhering strictly to local building codes for maximum safety and efficiency.
  • Recessed Lighting: We installed recessed lighting fixtures to provide ample, unobtrusive illumination throughout the basement, enhancing the ambiance and usability of the space.

Door Installation and Interior Finishing

With the walls and electrical work in place, we proceeded with:

  • New Door Installations: Fitting new doors that not only provided secure access but also complemented the interior design and contributed to the acoustic privacy of the basement.
  • Painting: We meticulously painted the entire basement, selecting colors that would brighten up the space and give it a fresh, modern appearance.

Flooring Installation

A crucial aspect of any basement remodel is the choice of flooring:

  • Vinyl Luxury Plank Flooring: We laid down high-quality vinyl luxury plank flooring, renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal. This flooring choice is particularly suited to basements due to its resistance to moisture and heavy foot traffic.

Project Completion and Final Walkthrough

Upon completion of the construction and installation phases, we conducted a final walkthrough with the homeowners to ensure every aspect of the remodel met their expectations and our high standards. The result was a beautifully remodeled basement in Princeton, NJ, ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Ready to Remodel?

Are you considering a basement remodel in Princeton, NJ, or the surrounding areas? Our team is ready to bring your vision to life with the expertise and attention to detail your project deserves. Whether you’re looking to create an entertainment hub, a home office, or a cozy retreat, a well-designed basement is a smart investment in your home. Contact us to start the conversation and take the first step toward your ideal basement space.


Project Type Basement remodel
Client Princeton, NJ
Completion Date May 2020
Project Size 1250 Square Feet
Contract Value $21,300

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